Seed of Happiness #2 – Bike in a Box 

What’s a motorcycle girl to do with her first paycheck in two and a half years?

I had plenty of bills. And plenty of places that money should go.  But I also had the notion that I wanted to buy myself a welcome back to work present. One weekend while mindlessly surfing on Cycle and CraigList admiring all the bikes for sale in search of a little dirt bike for this summer, I stumbled across a 1972 Honda CB350 for sale for the incredibly low price of $300. I’d always wanted a 1970, the same vintage as me, but hadn’t ever found a bargain in that year of bike. I hoped to turn one into either a vintage runabout bike or a cafe racer. So I contacted the seller.

The bike was in parts, he explained, but was complete except for the seat and a key. We discussed price a bit and after remembering that the spokes were shot he finally came down to $225 cash. Sold.

I’m hoping Brian can teach me a few things about bikes with this bike-in-a-box kit. And I really do hope it’s all there.

Let the fun begin.

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  1. This brings back memories. When I was 15, my first motorcycle was “a motorcycle in a box”. It was a Honda 90.

  2. Now my admiration for you has increased, even beyond the post about starting your book!

    LOL, I don’t think this is a project I would take on, for sure! Good luck!

  3. my first was a 72 CB 750, rode it all over the states, sold it when I joined the Navy in 83… bought it back from my nephew (he ended up getting it as a hand me down) in 2013 when I retired from the Navy. Got it all put back together and running again. love it and it really turns heads. The CB’s are strong runners. You enjoy the project and the ride at the end kiddo. -John

  4. Good Project, with a 1972 Honda CB, you need to find your way over to the Honda Twins Website ( ; I don’t think I have found a nicer bunch of folks to share a project with. They have knowledge of bikes and life that in general that is refreshing and I have found virtually nothing but help and good advice on the site.
    The old Hondas are pretty easy to get parts for and fairly easy to work on, but the electrics need updating. Sign in and download yourself the manual; it is bound to be on the site.
    Best of luck.

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