Paying it backward…and forward

I’ve always loved to travel. And I’ve almost always loved to read. Thank goodness my college professors didn’t permanently affect that by making me read all those dry-as-dirt accounting and law textbooks.

My favorite scenario of reading involves me on a beach on vacation somewhere accompanied by a great travel memoir. My second favorite scenario only provides a change in location for me, meaning I will happily read a travel memoir book any time and any where.

Before my trip even really took shape, I gobbled up motorcycle travel memoirs as quickly as my busy work life would allow. I thought I would share some of those here in case anyone is ever looking for a moto travel book.

The first such book I ever read was luckily one of my all-time favorites, ensuring I was hooked by both the story and the lifestyle. Thank you, Lois Pryce, for being so funny and entertaining, and good at putting your story into paper. Brian suggested many of the following and fed my addiction to Sam Manicom’s books in particular. Thank you, Sam, for creating a vivid moto journey for me by enticing me to step into your stories and ride along with you.

I’ve read some of the classics – Ted Simon, of course. And some of the obscure. I have books on my tablet and some on my shelves that I haven’t gotten to yet. But they are there at the ready when I am.

Please share others in the comments if you like. I’m always up for a good read.  I’m sure I’m missing some, but I will post them here when I remember.

Lois Pryce – Lois on the Loose, my first moto travel book.

And then the series I couldn’t put down…by Sam Manicom.

Ted Simon’s classic…

 And the follow up…

 The next is a popular one, although in my opinion, more “Zen” than “Motorcycle Maintenance”.

Others I read before my travels…

This one is perhaps the true patient zero for me, but it doesn’t include a motorcycle, it includes a tuk tuk.

Some that I picked up along the way…



And some that are on my shelves…


Books suggested by others…



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  1. Waiting to add your book… 😉

  2. Thank you for the reading list. Added a couple more to my list. Here’s one that is not quite a travel book but learning how to ridentify called Blind Curves by Linda Crill

  3. Great list! I have read several and would like to read many others. And ditto the other comment about adding your book! 🙂

  4. Love Glen’s book!..and of course, being a huge RUSH fan..Ghost Rider is a MUST!! 🙂

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