Top 16 motorcycle roads from my two years on the road

Needles Highway and Iron Mountain Road – in the Black Hills of South Dakota, my home state. One of my favorites rides ever!
Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park – spectacular ride through the Appalachian Mountains.  At the southern end you can connect to the Blue Ridge Parkway and carry on even further south.

Tail of the Dragon – this ride is legendary for a reason.

Beartooth Pass – south of Red Lodge riding toward Yellowstone, you can make your way up and over this spectacular mountain pass crossing from Montana into Wyoming in the process.

Llanganuco Lakes – riding up into Huascaran National Park from Yungay to Yanama takes you past these slender ribbons of turquoise glacial waters. Something like 25 switchbacks up the rocky, narrow and wet road results in one of the best views imaginable and my favorite ride ever.


Carratera Austral – Chile’s southern highway is a collection of pearls strung together with ferries and bridges. One of the most beautiful highways in the world.

Canyon del Pato – leading up from the coast of Peru into the Andes and the city of Carhuaz, the “duck canyon” route takes you through some of the most colorful canyons and dozens of tunnels. It’s incredible.

Chachapoyas to Cajamarca – via the village of Lleymebamba and the freshly asphalted single lane, cliff edge highway. Simply stunning.

Santiago to Mendoza – up and over the Andes from Chile to Argentina, and you get a peek at the highest peak in South America on the way.

Big Bend State Park – the ride along the river between Texas and Mexico can be dotted with tarantulas and lead you to some beautiful desert landscapes.

 Cocos corner – the road to Coco leads you past the best fish tacos in the world and all the treasures of the Sea of Cortez.

Newfoundland – any road will do.

Maine’s State Route 113 – dances back and forth over the state line with New Hampshire and leads through gorgeous golden notches if you time your visit right.

 Merida Venezuela – riding up from Maracaibo into the northern reaches of the Andes and to the city of Merida and beyond was like finding the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow.

 Torres del Paine – some of the most majestic and recognizable peaks and rock towers anywhere in the world. We made a loop ride out from and back to Puerto Natales, stopping to camp, hike and visit Glacier Gray.

 Death road in Bolivia – While it’s only a tourist road now, it’s still stunningly beautiful.

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  1. WOW, I’ve ridden many of the U.S. roads. As you know I just missed you on the Needles Highway by one day 😉 in June. I would like to checkout some these here I haven’t ridden yet… Looking forward to you coming book… I hope we see you down the road somewhere… Ride safe…

  2. Nice roads. Will mark my calendar for them =)

  3. We’ve ridden all the US ones on your list, but there are so many more to see! Gorgeous photos, can’t wait for the book. 🙂

  4. planning a ride Boston to Yellowstone this summer, through your home state 🙂 I hope to i get the chance to meet the Legendary Sturgis Chick in person!!

  5. Well I’ve been on two of your roads listed, Needles and Beartooth. You’ve been to some amazing places!

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