Seed of Happiness #3 – the Great Divide Ride

Different from the Continental Divide Ride…is the longest mountain bike ride in the world, at nearly 2800 miles, running from Banff, Alberta to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. 

The route follows, as close as practicable, the Continental Divide while crossing it 30 times. It’s mostly made up of unpaved roads and trails. And it’s a bucket list ride for a lot of riders.

Two and a half years ago when Brian and I were riding through Maine, we were lucky enough to be introduced by our friend Tammy to another rider who took us in for a couple of nights. Molly is this incredible spirit, hilarious, exuberant and oozing life and laughter like few people I’ve ever seen. She’s amazing, and within minutes of meeting her I couldn’t wait to cross paths with her again. 

Milky messaged me a couple of years ago about putting together a small ride (as in number of riders) on the Continental Divide some autumn and I was honored she offered the chance for me to tag along. I knew the autumn of 2014 wouldn’t work because Brian and I were still traveling. And last autumn didn’t work since I had some other things lined up…like Horizons Unlimited, etc. maybe the third times the charm, because this autumn will be the third since Molly mentioned the idea (where does the time go?) and we are going to try and make it happen this year. 

While I won’t be able to do the whole ride, what with my job and all, at least I hope to tag along for a couple of weeks.  So now begins the planning…what bike? Which maps? What gear? What to pack? What to wear (kidding…well, sort of)? 

Eeks! Exciting!

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