Seed of Happiness #4 – and then there were three…motorcycles


Well, I guess I need something to take on Seed of Happiness #3.  I bought her sight unseen with just under 3000 miles on her.  I’m told she is “mint” and at the spry age of 3, I certainly hope so.  She’s waiting for me in Cheyenne and I can’t wait to pick her up.

Now to sort out all the “bits and bobs” for the bike and the other gear for my trip on part of the Great Divide Ride in September…..


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  1. You’re doing the Great Divide?? I wanna go!! 🙂

  2. OMG – a Yamaha XT250, that is the bike I am preparing for my world tour, awesome simple little bike, you are going to love it!!

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