Riding to Colorado…finally back on the bike

So I’m 7 1/2 months into this working thing…and I’m more than ready for a break. My full-time-and-a-half job has been my main focus since December and since it’s extra busy in summer, I’ve only had one day off in the last month.  Thank goodness I can find a break in the madness to sneak off to Colorado for a riding weekend. 

Way back in January or February I started dreaming of tagging along on the Sisters Centennial Motorcycle Ride across America, an event put together by Alissa Clickenger in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Van Buren sisters ride across the United States in the early days of motorcycling. I knew, even as I dreamed of participating, that my busy summer schedule wouldn’t allow for the luxury of a 2-3 week cross country ride. And who am I to complain when I’ve only been back a year from a two-year ride through the Americas?

I sign up for a day ride, in mid-July, which includes a ride up Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs. It turns out that the Sisters Ride would be coming through Colorado on the same weekend as a Horizons Unlimited Meeting in Grant, just a couple hours from Colorado Sprinngs. Sounds like even more reason to go to me.

As luck would have it, the week of the event is an even crazier one at work for me, so I can’t leave for Colorado as early as I had hoped.  Brian and I pack up and ride out as soon as I get off work at the end of the week, hoping to push as close to Colorado Springs as possible. We make it as far as southern Nebraska before having to call it a night. And as we settle in for the night, I have to come to terms with the fact that there is no way I can make the starting line by 6:45 tomorrow morning, not with another 200 miles to ride to get there.

So we decide to take our time and get to the Springs whenever we get there, and instead to stop and shop at Wolfman on the way down.  We arrive late in the afternoon and head straight to my bestie’s house for some time with her and her husband, and my Godchildren. They spoil us with a comfie bed, yummy grilled steaks, and cute kids. I even get to paint my Goddaughters nails.  

The next morning we ride over to the Hotel Elegante to see if I can catch up with the “sisters” and maybe meet Alissa and a couple of friends who are participating in the ride. As luck would have it, their day off, which no doubt was well-deserved, meant everyone had scattered to the winds, and I’m not able to meet up with anyone.

Brian and I, and my bestie’s husband, Robert, decide to ride up Pikes Peak since it’s such a gorgeous day. Robert leads the way and off we go to climb nearly 9000 more feet to the top.

Early morning clouds have burned off while we ascend. And although there’s a breeze, I’m pretty sure it’s not even a fraction as bad as it could be. We stop at a few overlooks for photos and then keep pressing onwards and upwards. The weekend means more traffic, which dampens the fun just a bit. 

After nearly an hour, we make the top.

We’ve been told to have one of the famous donuts, made with a recipe tailored especially for the high altitude.


We don’t linger for long. Brian and I are heading to Grant for the HU meeting and say our goodbyes once we get back down.

The ride across two-lane mountain roads is beautiful. I’m really enjoying being back on the bike.

We make it to Grant late in the afternoon and set up camp next to Geneva Creek. We meet lots of of great people and enjoy some slideshows, videos and presentations that evening. This is the fourth HU event I’ve been to, and I really enjoy everything about it…the location, the people, and the smaller group which makes it more personable. We might have to come back here someday. 


The next morning we ride over Guanella Pass to Georgetowb. Brian takes a ride up Mount Evans, the highest pave road in North America while I relax in a cafe in Idaho Springs, and then we make our way north. We sit out a massive hailstorm in Cheyenne before getting back on the bikes. Not even rain can dampen my happiness from this fun weekend. We need to this more often.


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  1. Great to see you back on the bike, and the blog! We have never been to an HU meeting, may have to try that one day.

  2. Love your blog, your photos take me back to our trip to South Dakota on the bikes a year ago. Thank You for sharing.

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