Thingvellir National Park Iceland

We pack up late and slowly to leave our comfy room at an AirBnB having enjoyed a soak in the hot tub the night before and again this morning. We seem to be getting our share of soaking in even without finding lots of natural hot pots.

As we leave Fludir and make our way to Reykjavík we stop to see Krater.

One of the things I had considered trying to do during my time in Iceland was to go for a swim at Silfra in Thingvellir National Park. It’s one of the only places o know of that you can swim between two tectonic plates that are only separated by a few meters.

The internet shows incredible images of deep blue water in a narrow rocky fissure with people snorkeling or scuba diving the length of three footballs fields in the beautiful narrow underwater canyon.

Incredible and unique as that sounds, I’ve decided not to get in the water today and instead just stop and admire the adventure from above. There isn’t much wind today and although there are clouds, there is also a lot of sunlight.

There are lots of little coves where you can pull off and park and walk out to the shore of the lake. Picnic tables dot the shoreline, but it’s breezy enough that they are all unused today.

Fall colors show themselves in the form of red grasses and small golden leaves on shrubs. A few small birds wander among the undergrowth near the parking lot.

There is only one road through the park and it takes right by the parking lot and fissure where I could have gone for a swim.

Thingvellir was home to Some of the original Viking settlements on this land. It’s easy to see why.

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