Lake Elmenteita, Kenya

From Naivasha we take a day trip to Lake Elmenteita to view more animals. Shepards watch over their herds while they graze in the fields along the highway. Olive baboons forage for food closer to the road.

We stop at the Sunbird Lodge along the way for a view of the lake and a cold beverage.

We enter Soysambu Conservancy from the highway and stop briefly to put the top up on the Landcruiser. I’m only starting to realize how much I love these rigs.

My favorite movie for the past twenty-plus years has been Out of Africa. Based on Karen Blixen’s autobiography of her time in Kenya between the two world wars, hers was an adventure beyond imagination. In her memoir she described life on her farm in the Ngong Hills near Nairobi and the people she met while living here. Some of her memories included interactions with Lord and Lady Delamere, the governor of the British colony in Kenya in the late teens and twenties of the 20th century. Lord Delamere owned the land on which we are about to drive. His descendants formed the conservancy and still live here today.

We watch a waterbuck mark his territory and zebra graze in a meadow. Our driver Sam leads our two trucks through the conservancy to the shore of the lake. I remember reading somewhere that Africa is famous for its thorny brush and that it was often cut down and used to form a makeshift fence around livestock to protect the animals from predators. On both sides of our vehicle we see shrubs and trees with 3-4-inch long thorns.

Up ahead Sam points out the Sleeping Warrior on the other side of the lake. I can see his profile clearly.

Sam and the other driver Simon stop for us to take photos of the flamingoes and other birds floating and feeding in the lake before carrying on to the western edge of the conservancy.

Driving at dusk allows us to watch game and birds coming to water before dark, and to make the most of the golden hour of sunlight we have left. After making our way to the western shore of Elmenteita we make our way back the way we came and turn back to our hotel.

After dinner we return to our cabins. Tomorrow we leave for Masai Mara.

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  1. Such good photos

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