Canada Day (aka Moving Day in Quebec)

And on the 7th day he rested……so I decided I would too.

After enjoying the morning of a day off, I finally leave the hotel at lunch time and wander toward Mount Royal in the heart of Montreal.  It’s a beautiful day and the city is quiet because of the holiday.  I wander through a neighborhood and notice large piles of trash and furniture by the curb of one townhouse and then a pile of belongings at another stacked neatly on the curb.  A man continues to move his things out to the curb while no one watches his stuff.  It is Moving Day in Quebec, the day that most leases end.  It is more of a tradition now than an actual practice, but its held over and still affects life here.


It’s a long walk uphill to the top of the park at the Chalet du Mont Royal, including lots of stairs, but its worth it.  The view of the city is spectacular.  The park and paths are filled with runners, bikes and families.  Along the edges of the Lac there are families grilling for the holiday.


A stop for lunch involves poutine, just because I’ve never had it, and it isn’t as bad as I thought it might be. It’s a concoction of fries, cheese curds and gravy…..I can’t believe Americans didn’t invent it.
Bike trip - Canada June 2013 035
I wander through the Vieux-Montreal (Old Town) area and on to the waterfront at the Vieux Port. The architecture is beautiful and I’m not the only one here to enjoy it. I don’t know if its Canada Day or something else that brings everyone to the area, but there are thousands of people out in the parks and neighborhoods. It turns out the Jazz Festival is already going on…..what a perfect time to be in Montreal.
Bike trip - Canada June 2013 004

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