The south side of Iceland

Late in the day, as we keep moving west from the black sand beaches near Vik, we still have a couple of stops to make. I’m in awe of how beautiful this land is. A short drive up any dirt road or few mile stretch of highway presents you with at least a half dozen gorgeous different views.

Skogafoss is the next waterfall on the highway. A lovely stroll along the level creek bed leads me to the face of the falls. I wade out into the stream just a little to try and get a shot with fewer people in it.

Near the parking lot I stop at a food trailer and buy us some fresh fish and chips to share. And then we keep on keepin on.

As has been the case every day of my time in Iceland, gray clouds drift past overhead. At some point during each day I drive through rain. And eventually storm clouds part and allow some sunshine to beam down on the newly washed land. Daily showers equal daily rainbows. And daily rainbows increase my I infatuation with this country.

A little farther up the road we turn off the highway and follow gps coordinates to another potential wild hot pot. This one is supposed to be a swimming pool built around a hot spring about a 40 minute hike from the parking lot. At the lot I feed the last of the fish and chips to a local dog who doesn’t bother to get up, but greets us with a grateful tail wag and heavy old dog breaths.

The pool turns out to be fed by a no longer hot spring, continuing our unlucky streak in the search of all things hot pot.

Still, it was worth it if only for spending a few minutes with the guard dog and the view.

Next stop, Seljalandsfoss.

A trail leads from the parking lot up to the falls, in behind the veil of water, and out the other side. Gusty winds cause the falls to dissolve into a fine mist that covers visitors in a non-stop shower even when the sun is shining.

When I look at my photos later it’s amazing to see how tiny the people appear on the path behind the falls. It shows the scale of the incredible waterfall.

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