Quebec’s North Coast – Cote-Nord

Heading east on the 138 from Quebec City and over the Pont de L’ile-D’Orleans I see the Montmorency Chutes on the left, an amazing waterfall with a bridge over the chasm that is packed with people. 


There’s a perfect little rest area just off the road near Malbaie that provides a break from the traffic and beautiful over look of the town. I’ve noticed the small towns along the southern part of Quebec look a lot like the small town of New England with a large white church steeple standing out in the landscape.
Bike trip July 3 thru 5 020

The road is interrupted by the Saguenay River Fjord, which is supposed to be an incredible place to watch whales, and there is a 10-minute ferry ride to Tadoussac.
Bike trip July 3 thru 5 027
Bike trip July 3 thru 5 029
The tide is out and there are mud flats all along the coast with its dozens of inlets and coves. This isn’t really the ocean yet, although it looks like it; this is still the St. Lawrence River Seaway.
Bike trip July 3 thru 5 037
Finding a last minute camping site for an overnight in Baie Comeau turns out to be a lucky decision. I think the campground has just opened and its beautiful. Shower, laundry, red wine and a campfire and off to bed.

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